|| SHADOW ||

Once upon a time when the knowledge about time was limited to the shadow of the sun and face of the moon. The father was skeptical & impatient. He would sit & wait for his son to return with logs of wood & food. He used to sit outside the door as the sun went... Continue Reading →

A Day In Delhi Metro

I was taking strolls between the coach "for all" and "women only" coach, not just physically but also mentally. I always despised the idea of reservations. I don't think its any different from purdah system. It illustrates objectivity, like some precious thing in display seeking people' attention who try to touch and own it for... Continue Reading →

Bachpan Nahin Chahiye

Kyu humain zarurat hai Bachpan ki. Kya ye sanak kaafi nahin, Ke hum jaadui taikhano se Ek patthar churakar laana chahte hain, Jise hum Heera maanenge. Phir hum bhaagenge us jangal ki or, Jahan kahin mitti khod kar hum chhupaenge use, Aur sochenge vo gaayab ho jaaega kal// Kyu humain zarurat hai Bachpan ki. Kya... Continue Reading →

|| The Tree || A love triangle

They would sit under the tree every evening, chatting and stealing kisses every now and then. She wasn't much of a talker. He never saw her getting along with people so easily. It was him who kept her talking and lively. Apart from him, she always kept to herself. He also secretly saw her dancing... Continue Reading →

|| Tea || A Tale of Settling with Fate

One morning he suddenly woke up, a loud noise, crashing utensils, glasses breaking. He walked out of his bed scared and panting. He saw them standing right infront of him, furious and guilty. He looked into their red eyes. Scratch marks on their faces and bruises on their body told him everything. One or the... Continue Reading →

Get Imperfect

"Did you guys catch up for the second time" "No" "Why? Didn't he call?" "He did. I did not take his call then." "Why?" "He is perfect. He is funny and intelligent and handsome. I don't want his image to be ruined after I meet him many times and he turns out to be a... Continue Reading →

The Invisible and Invincible traps

Let me come around with a few stories, the real ones. Two people were profoundly in love with each other for many years. When they reached an age suitable for marriage, were parted by their parents. In India, parents love and invest on you throughout your childhood, so that you are indebted one day to... Continue Reading →

The last lesson..!

  The day I visited the library for the last time..! June 30th 2016-The date printed behind my i-card as "valid till". We were already given a "Happy Farewell", an overwhelming concluding ceremony was performed, all said and done. We are remaining with the convocation and I am still wondering when to exactly feel 'that... Continue Reading →

A Monsoon Letter

I was sitting by the window of my room. It was the first week of July and the weather was still warm. I was going back into my life of the last few years wondering how I changed the subject from my undergrad to post grad and how I struggled to keep my energy and fantasies... Continue Reading →

A stab so deep..!

A series of events after Dadri has gone way too far to comprehend, where is our country heading to? I personally have rage in mind, reading such news every day and thinking if someday, being so sensitive, I speak something, that people around don't agree with, I would be killed or taken to the police,... Continue Reading →

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