Beautiful things on the way…!

On our visit to Dayara Bugyal, we rode our bike from Delhi to Raithal (the goat village). As we were crossing Mussoorie, the sun had went down and then we rode in the dark for a few more hours and took a halt in Chinyalisour. This is a little village at the foot of Uttarkashi. We reached here by 8 pm, kept our bags in a hotel room and ran out to explore. Well we barely see where we are staying during our travels, we are out in the streets for most of the times. So we walked the solitary road looking for some place to eat. There are a few good restaurants indeed and we happen to get dal tadka and tandoori roti at one of them. We returned after the dinner with a few dogs walking beside us to our room and slept.

The next morning when we got up and opened the door, we saw this (in the picture). The grand #bhagirathi river flowing right infront of us across the street. We did not realise it in the dark the last night. We didn’t even fathom that the road we were walking on could have made us stand awestruck if it had been daylight.

It made us realise, that the roads we take have so much to cherish that a journey of 2 days will take a week or two if done in the right way. And since then, we don’t stress much on our destinations, we just take a trip to somewhere, anywhere, and try to not miss a single spot that has the capability of making us realise how beautiful life is when lived and cherished on every milestone.

{In picture, sand mining and some cattles grazing at the Bhagirathi river flowing beside Chinyalisour, Uttarkashi, India)

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