The Muse

“Not physiognomy alone nor brain alone is worthy for the
Muse, I say the form complete is worthier far.”
-Walt Whitman


A very conspicuous trait that we, the people born in a democratic nations show, is the tendency to see the world as a homogenized society of equals living in harmony.  But then again, this perspective is limited to the perfunctory showcase of an ideal mindset.

Like Whitman said in his patent double metaphor style, that he does not approve of somebody worthy for the muse by their ethnicity or color or mind alone, but somebody whose form or say whose make up is worth.

This is applicable on a broad scale, ranging from an individual choosing their idol to follow in life, partner to love and leader to obey and individuals en-masse choosing a leader of a nation. Finest of minds like Whitman and Tagore have spelled the gravity of choosing who to follow and who to question for a right mind. And we have come too far to understand the profound impact that any human with the power to influence can impart to the mob. We have been the viewers and listeners for ages. Only a few move ahead to take charge and sometimes (rarely) bring change.

Addressing a niche of this global crises, we see a hierarchy around us every day. There are givers and takers. There are people donating for good. There are people begging to survive. We walk over the pedestals and some take a nap on it in the cold. But this whole cycle of pretentious homogeneity sleeps and wakes up every morning to take one more round and comes back to the same place.

So where is the way out? How do we cut this line and walk side by side, look into each other’s eyes and listen to what we have to say to each other, for once?


What went wrong?
If not this, let us take time to answer when?
It all went wrong when we stopped asking questions. When we unreasonably took things as they said. When we clapped and acknowledged someone simply because everyone else was doing it, even if the speech was not audible. It went wrong when we did not stand up because we thought we might be the only ones objecting it.

But, if only we had not clapped, if only we did stand up to question, right people would be running this world with reasons today.

Discipline and Obedience!

Stand erect. Sit Properly. Do not laugh loudly. Do not question elders. Go to school. Score high. Make a career. Marry. Make family. Settle.

You see what went wrong? We were not polished for perfection, but for slavery. A slavery where no physical master but virtual stereotypes decide our fate. It went wrong when we were made to stand inside a circle, of which limitations built the periphery. And we wonder why human mind cannot be used to its maximum potential.

The Muse!

This is the way out to the maze. And this is where we entered into one (Giving birth to the fictions like Westworld). Yes! A world where we are strangled by our own worldly choices. We chose to wear cloaks of those who crowned themselves the masters of affairs that only involved winning and taking possessions of material. And when we finally understand the game we realize that we are now the age-old sediments sunken deep beneath the layers of thousands more just like us and that we have lost our original form.

This is where we went wrong. We chose to be inspired by those who performed well inside the circle plainly wiping off our imaginations and ambitions. And then we became people who paid high prices for vacations and bought artworks of others to hopelessly search ourselves in the sand castles on the beach and in the wall graffitis.

I want everyone to get rich and famous, just to know that this is not the answer.”
-Jim Carrey 

We are still lost. Finding, what we could have been, in poetry and paintings. Filling our vacant lives with occasional holidays. We are making paper boats every day and dropping them into the streams. Unlike childhood, we don’t want our boats to race or to win this time, we want it to escape.


If we look at everything above, the dots connect to give us a clear portrait of how the decision of one individual affects the whole story of humankind. We always had it in us, to question, to decide the right definitions of discipline or just deny every notion of it if it limits our capability, and finally to choose to be inspired rightly.


(Pictures used are self produced)

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