Oh Love!

Oh love!
What brought you to me?
I am but a solitary dweller
Humming and buzzing
Songs of nothingness
Devoid of everything
What led you to this way?
You are now nowhere
With no one but you
For I only can collide
With you and pass through
Why did you come here?
To see nothing but shallow eyes
Of a mere dreamer of eternity
Smiling through disguised joy
Of fulfillment in vanity
Why do you love?
A soul empty and hollow
Venturing in time
An escaped body
Afloat and sublime
Were you not tempted
By the overwhelming displays
Or did you break the line
Rejecting the age old relays

I spent nights under stars
And days chasing wind
For the world took my ways
As a tread of wrong and sin

I warn you, push you away
I undress my gloom
For I chose to live this way
But you’re one among the bloom

I am scared. Oh love!
You are raining on my dried skin
Do not soothe my hounds
For if I may feel the comfort
I will return back to the bounds

I ask you to leave and live
And a worldly love to find
And yet here you stand
Holding my hand
Make me understand,
Make me comprehend.
Oh love!
My angel of heavens
I haven’t arrived to leave
I will accompany you till the end
For the Adam is sent to Eve

‘The beginning of a new world’
~Ghaniya Aureen

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