The Muse

"Not physiognomy alone nor brain alone is worthy for the Muse, I say the form complete is worthier far." -Walt Whitman   A very conspicuous trait that we, the people born in a democratic nations show, is the tendency to see the world as a homogenized society of equals living in harmony.  But then again, this perspective is... Continue Reading →


Oh Love!

Oh love! ............... What brought you to me? I am but a solitary dweller Humming and buzzing Songs of nothingness Devoid of everything ............. What led you to this way? You are now nowhere With no one but you For I only can collide With you and pass through ............ Why did you come here?... Continue Reading →

World Mental Heath day 2017

Because you know what will remain? YOU And you know what counts? YOU And you know what tops everytime you make a list of important things? YOU I have been there, weeping my nights out, wrapped up in the corner of the room, thinking of all that I could have built with someone had he... Continue Reading →

Dreams of a Dream

From the crevices of an old ceiling the sunlight peeped onto the floor. There were white outlines marking the evaporated water that might have spilled from the broken pot. The paint on the walls was scratched and peeled at places. But the door was always closed. What could have caused such a destruction? I woke... Continue Reading →

प्रेम है!

मेट्रो के दरवाजे के पास खड़े होकर बस हाथ पकड़ा ही था और नज़रें तीर की तरह उनकी जानिब तरकश से एक एक करके छूटती गई। स्टेशन था जामा मस्जिद। क्योकि प्रेम केवल शरीर और चेहरे से नहीं ज़हनियत से भी होता है और इस दफा तो दोनों ही पूरानी दिल्ली की ऐतिहासिक मीनारो, दीवारो... Continue Reading →

|| SHADOW ||

Once upon a time when the knowledge about time was limited to the shadow of the sun and face of the moon. The father was skeptical & impatient. He would sit & wait for his son to return with logs of wood & food. He used to sit outside the door as the sun went... Continue Reading →

A Day In Delhi Metro

I was taking strolls between the coach "for all" and "women only" coach, not just physically but also mentally. I always despised the idea of reservations. I don't think its any different from purdah system. It illustrates objectivity, like some precious thing in display seeking people' attention who try to touch and own it for... Continue Reading →

Bachpan Nahin Chahiye

Kyu humain zarurat hai Bachpan ki. Kya ye sanak kaafi nahin, Ke hum jaadui taikhano se Ek patthar churakar laana chahte hain, Jise hum Heera maanenge. Phir hum bhaagenge us jangal ki or, Jahan kahin mitti khod kar hum chhupaenge use, Aur sochenge vo gaayab ho jaaega kal// Kyu humain zarurat hai Bachpan ki. Kya... Continue Reading →

|| The Tree || A love triangle

They would sit under the tree every evening, chatting and stealing kisses every now and then. She wasn't much of a talker. He never saw her getting along with people so easily. It was him who kept her talking and lively. Apart from him, she always kept to herself. He also secretly saw her dancing... Continue Reading →

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